Use pins, Zipper Pulls, Studs,Decorative Rivets, Vests Extenders to make your leathers 'Bling'.


We have a selection of pins. If you don't see what you want then let us know and we'll try to find one for you.



We offer a selection of zipper pulls. They can be used to dress up jackets, vests, chaps, bags etc.



Decorative Rivets, Studs and Spots.

We have a selection of studs, spots and rivets that we can use to dress up jackets, vests, chaps, bags, hats etc.


    Gem stone rivets can be used to 'Bling' your leather wear.
We stock the gems in clear crystal,turquoise,pink , amber, abalone, purple, red, blue and green.


Crystal rivets were added to existing chaps to bling them.

Turquoise, bone and wooden beads were added to the fringing on this vest. A few Turquoise studs finished the design on the back of the vest.

Vest Extenders and Decorative Snap Caps

We have four designs of chain to offer for vest extenders, plus we can do braided leather ones. Below are a couple of examples of our vest extenders.


Below are the examples of chains we can offer:


We can use most of our regular screw on conchos on vest extenders or we have some designs of snap caps, pictured below: